Outlook 2007 Setup for Exchange

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 11/08/2008 at 02:45 AM


Email Setup

In Outlook 2007 (and previous versions), your information is in a "profile". A profile is your account(s), data files, and settings the contain information on where your mail and contacts are stored along with other settings such as mail rules. A new profile is created automatically when you run Outlook 2007 for the first time. For Outlook Express users, an Outlook Profile is a lot like a Outlook Express Identity. For Lotus Notes users, it is a little bit like a Location.

To setup the new profile, you generally only need to enter your Full Name, your E-mail address, and your Password. Generally, Outlook can your current network login to the Microsoft Domain to figure out the setup to the Exchange server. This profile is automatically reused afterward each time the user logs into the workstation.

To view your profile afterwards, you close Outlook and open the system's Control Panels view/folder. Next you open the "Mail" option/icon and look under "Profiles". You can select your existing one(s) or add a new one.

If it doesn't automatically setup, you configure this manually using the following steps:
1. Start Outlook 2007.
2a. If the Wizard automatically starts, click the radio button to "Add a new e-mail account" and click the "Next" button.
2b. If the Wizard doesn't start, click "Tools" under "Menu" and click "Account Settings". Then click "New".
3. In the "Add New E-mail Account" wizard dialog, select "Microsoft Exchange Server" and click "Next".
4. Complete the following fields:
Microsoft Exchange Server:
>> Enter the name of your Exchange server. This is usually based on your Active Directory structure and is something like exch.mw.local.
>> Leave enabled the "Use Cached Exchange Mode" option.
User Name:
>> Enter your user name, which is usually your login id. Click the "Check Name" button to verify you got it right. Click "Next".

If you get the message saying "The action could not be completed. The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable ...", then check your network settings using the "More Settings" button. These steps assume you are running on an internal network connection or a VPN connection. If on a VPN connection, verify it is active. Verify that DNS is functioning.
If you get the message saying "Mail from this Microsoft Exchange Server account will be delivered to the existing Personal Folder on your local computer. ...", then your mail will be downloaded from Exchange as if you were using Outlook Express via POP3 rather than staying on your server. You may want to change this setting.

5. Assuming you are successful, your next screen should say congratulations and have a button to "Finish".


Instructions to tell Exchange to leave messages on server rather than copy down to the Personal Folder (in-box):
(Verifying your default delivery location)

If you do not work on the server, you will limit your functionality. Perform the following:
1. On the Menu bar, click the "Tools" option and "Account Settings".
2. Select the option to "View or change existing e-mail accounts".
3. Select the account we just created.
4. In the "E-mail Accounts" dialog that is displayed, check the delivery location at the bottom of the dialog.
5. Make sure that the location is "Mailbox - LastName, FirstName" in the drop-down.
6. Click the "Finish" button.

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