Mail Set-up to HCL Domino with Traveler with a Microsoft Surface Tablet

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 08/03/2020 at 12:55 PM


Domino - User Setup Information, Email Setup

There is no software to install. We need to set up a Microsoft Exchange Active Sync account on the Surface device. Before configuring your device, you need to know your Domino Traveler system's FQDN (web address), your email address, and your web password.

Password: MyReallyGoodPwd4Me2OnlyNo

Navigate the following menu options, please:
Mail (tile) --> Settings (icon) --> Accounts --> Add Account --> Advanced setup --> Exchange ActiveSync

On this panel/screen, enter your information:
Mail address:
Password: MyReallyGoodPwd4Me2OnlyNo
User field:
Server field:
Account Name: Tom Testor Mail

Click/tap Sign in to validate and starting using the account.

Unlike on the iOS set-up, you aren't prompted during set-up with what mail and PIM services to consume. For Calendaring and Contacts you need to do the following:
Mail (tile) --> Swipe the bezel for the "charms" --> Settings --> Accounts --> Your Account.
Add Calendar
Add Contacts
Add a Signature

- SSL/TLS must be set-up on the HCL Traveler mail server, of course. It can be self-certified if necessary.
- To use a self-cert, you must execute a command on the device for it to trust the HCL Traveler server. Start --> All apps --> System (heading) --> Command Prompt (press and hold, or right click for options) --> Run as administrator --> Enter Yes, or Password if prompted --> Enter the following command updated for your server:
# certutil -setreg chain\minRSAPubKeyBitLength 512
Do this ONLY for a self-certified server. This chain length of 512 is much lower than the normal 2048 or 4096 length typically used with non self-certified SSL/TLS browser locks in use today.

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